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Replace Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets just don't work anymore

Replace Spreadsheets

Companies of all sizes are facing challenges created by increasing complexity in their network infrastructure. When networks were small and relatively static, network management was as simple as creating a spreadsheet to track IP addresses and the associated hostname. However, as networks grow and the demands of the business require increased complexity, spreadsheets no longer work.

Improve operational efficiency

Spreadsheets were not built to manage network infrastructure. Duplicate and outdated information begins to take its toll on network administrators who waste time and effort investigating and resolving conflicts. Spreadsheets do not allow for multiple administrators to work concurrently or for tracking changes. As a result, errors can occur, leading to network outages. BlueCat’s IPAM solutions gives your team a single view into your network for maximum visibility and control.

Combine IPAM and DNS and DHCP infrastructure

Spreadsheets are manually updated by administrators as they make changes throughout their network, but rely on the administrator to accurately and completely document those changes, every time. BlueCat’s IPAM solution manages the DNS and DHCP infrastructure directly, and validates changes before deploying them, ensuring no formatting errors and nothing is lost.

Grow your company, grow your network

Any significant change to your network can mean a lot of work to update or redo spreadsheets again. As networks are created, split, or repurposed, BlueCat’s IPAM, DNS and DHCP solutions enable administrators to adapt quickly, and with the ability to roll-back changes easily. Advanced features such as role-based access control and reporting can help maintain network stability and security as networks change and grow far beyond where they are today.

Migrate with no disruptions

BlueCat’s proven migration methodology is designed to simplify and de-risk migrations and ensure on-time and on-budget transitions.