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Network Automation
Empower your network teams to respond to the rapidly changing needs of your business

Network Automation

Organizations need consistent access to core network services that are accurate, flexible, easy to deploy, and simple to manage; delivered as a unified solution for load-balanced DNS, scalable DHCP services and enterprise-wide IP Address Management. BlueCat empowers network teams to orchestrate and provide reliable, secure access to core services from any registered device across the global enterprise, enabling the network to scale to accommodate business growth and technology transformations.

Reduce administrative workload and empower your teams
The combination of automation and self-service lessens the IT burden of managing routine IPAM changes and dramatically reduces the turnaround time for critical network requests from days to minutes. Enable efficient, simple and secure device connectivity with self-service facilities for traditionally labor-intensive operations such as device registration and on-boarding. Easy to deploy and maintain, BlueCat allows employees, contractors and guests to register with their own devices to gain access to your network. Once a device has been registered, the solution audits and tracks all devices, tying mobile activity to network access for complete control.

Rich set of APIs enabling dynamic interaction with your network ecosystem
The breadth and depth of BlueCat’s APIs enables end-to-end network automation. Users are able to make custom, process-compliant changes to IP and DNS configurations while retaining complete visibility and control over IPAM data, extending your team’s reach to adjacent network solutions. BlueCat solutions allow for thousands of API calls to be made every hour in production environments, and has proven integrations with leading commercial vendors to deliver orchestrated network creation, monitoring, security and provisioning solutions for data center and cloud environments.

“Without this kind of automation and intelligence, you really can’t understand how optimized your valuable network address space is,”

- Michael Nelson, Data Centre and Connectivity Chief Technologist for CSC Global Infrastructure Services.

Rapid provisioning of virtual machines and workloads
Automatically address and provision virtual machines and workloads including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen and KVM. Automation of these network operations ensures reliable, high speed provisioning of IP addresses and DNS names for virtual resources. It ensures there are no IP or DNS allocation-related bottlenecks by providing centralized visibility and control into the utilization and capacity of IPs in the virtualized environment.

Automatic network discovery and reconciliation
Automatic network discovery retrieves information directly from routers and switches, augmenting BlueCat’s IPAM solution data with valuable network-sourced data. With network discovery, changes to connected devices across the global network can be quickly and easily identified, automatically pinpointing IP addresses that have been newly added or recently removed. Combined with network reconciliation, these IP addresses can be targeted for reclamation; unauthorized IP addresses can be identified for further investigation as sources of security threats and system vulnerabilities. This combined data can be integrated with existing network systems via API for trouble ticketing, automation and asset/configuration tracking.