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Migrate to BlueCat DDI
Our proven risk-free migration methodology gives you peace of mind

Migrate to BlueCat DDI

Fear of change causes many organizations to stay with their current IPAM, DNS and DHCP provider – even when functionality is inadequate or you are being penalized for growth. BlueCat has extensive experience successfully migrating customers from VitalQIP, Infoblox, Microsoft and home-grown IPAM, DNS and DHCP platforms. Our proven migration methodology is designed to simplify and de-risk migration and ensure on-time and on-budget transformations.


Blueprint: Streamlining data transformation during migration


Migrations get into trouble when customers do not address erroneous data, disparate and conflicting data sources, unknown data histories and an inability to model the outcome of the data migration prior to initiating a cutover event. BlueCat’s exclusive migration utility, Blueprint, helps address these challenges by enabling BlueCat to prepare, validate and present the results for customer validation and acceptance.

Deploy safely

safely deploy

With the data and network configuration validated, migrations can be done in a safe and controlled manner, with zero impact on day-to-day business.

“The entire rollout from our initial three-week trial to our production ‘go live’ was designed by BlueCat, who were sensitive to our need to avoid service outages. The BlueCat team had the knowledge and tools needed for a smooth transition.”

- Patrick J. Lazorchak, Network Engineer

replace vitalQIP

Replace VitalQIP:

BlueCat has the most intelligent, reliable and future-ready IPAM, DNS and DHCP solution.

replace infoblox

Replace Infoblox:

BlueCat won’t force you to rebuy software you already own.

enchance active directory

Enhance Active Directory:

BlueCat provides higher performance, less complexity and eliminates human error.

replace homegrown

Replace Homegrown:

BlueCat’s industry leading support and robust road map will free up time to focus on other priorities.

replace spreadsheets

Replace Spreadsheets:

BlueCat automates IP address management taking away the pain of manually reconciling countless spreadsheets.