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Replace Infoblox
Get off the grid and stop rebuying your solution

Replace Infoblox

It may be disguised with discounts or rebates, but when your Infoblox appliance has an artificial expiry date, whether physical or virtual servers, you're really being forced to rebuy the software you already own. BlueCat doesn't believe in the concept of 'rebuy.' You own your BlueCat software perpetually. Hardware solutions from BlueCat come with a 5-year warranty to align with your investment timelines.

True central management of the network

BlueCat IPAM is the single source of truth giving you visibility and control into your network. IT is the system of engagement and system of record, for the definition, simulation, and creation of every network controlled by the Enterprise: physical and virtual, on and off premise as well as the corresponding name space.

BlueCat sells software not appliances

BlueCat’s IPAM, DNS and DHCP solutions are designed to meet dynamic network needs, without the need to compromise on architecture, management or need to redesign for growth. Adding more DNS and DHCP services does not require re-architecting the environment, which means you can grow your network incrementally and infinitely, without having to start again from scratch. With no artificially defined limitations on the numbers of database, objects or IP addresses you can manage, BlueCat can grow with you as your business grows with no artificial boundaries.

BlueCat thrives on our customer-centric approach

BlueCat is recognized for customer partnerships. Our open, flexible, and configurable solution is trusted by many Fortune 500 enterprises. According to Forrester Research, BlueCat is "the go-to DDI vendor for enterprise I&O because of its ease-of-use solutions, simple and clear product catalog, and focus on partnering with incumbent infrastructure suppliers like HP, Cisco, BMC, IBM, and Microsoft."