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In-Store DNS & DHCP
Bringing your customer engagement strategy to life with secure device connectivity

In-Store DNS and DHCP

Improving in-store engagement with interactive technology, guest wi-fi, mobile coupons and more, is becoming increasingly important for retailers to maintain competitive advantage. With that also comes the challenge of managing multiple devices, new devices and security. Often the high cost of traditional appliance-based DNS and DHCP solutions make rolling out these advanced in-store technologies cost prohibitive. Further, the network and key applications must be available without disruption, as downtime can jeopardize the customer engagement experience and cost the company millions.

Don’t leave the next generation of in-store shoppers behind. BlueCat’s solutions for in-store DNS and DHCP enable retailers to deploy IP-connected services in store, securely, without destroying margins.

Flexible deployment
Traditional in-store DNS and DHCP solutions are tied to expensive single purpose hardware. BlueCat’s flexible software delivery model allows you to deploy DNS and DHCP services in-store, in a way that makes sense for your business, enabling a wide variety of IP-enabled devices to be connected to your store networks, reliably and securely.

Resiliency with centralized fail-over
In the event of a network outage between the remote location or retail site, BlueCat’s DNS and DHCP services can continue providing local point of sale (POS) service, ensuring non-stop delivery and local survivability of core services.

Scale with your expanding business
BlueCat’s architecture centers on separating the service and management layers of the network. Adding additional remote locations will not force you to upgrade your management tier. At BlueCat there are no hidden costs or mysterious licensing policies.

Monitor and manage
BlueCat lets retail organizations configure, deploy and monitor their entire enterprise via a single pane of glass, increasing organizational visibility and reliability. Further, BlueCat’s ease of management of deployment ensures uninterrupted delivery and local survivability of core services at remote locations, where they may lack skilled IT representatives.

Store provisioning
Configure and deploy in-store services without the need for onsite IT expertise. Flexible deployment options such as virtual servers, reduce the footprint at remote sites and ensure survivability, while granular delegation offers limited administrative tasks to local IT teams with limited expertise. BlueCat’s central management links in-store services to a unified system, enabling zero-touch upgrades and server maintenance.

In-store connectivity includes core network services that enable sales transitions and corporate connectivity, and extends to a wide variety of IP-enabled devices such POS systems and mobile scanners. These legacy devices are prone to attack, compromising system availability and integrity. BlueCat improves in-store security by increasing visibility into, and control of, the devices on your network, quickly and easily determining IP allocation and usage to investigate and control who has access to your network, where and when.