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BlueCat IPAM
The Most Reliable, Scalable And Secure IP Address Management Solution

BlueCat IPAM

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BlueCat IPAM
BlueCat IPAM
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Today’s network and IT environments contain a mix of legacy, virtual, private cloud and public cloud infrastructures. As business needs evolve and change at an ever-increasing pace so do demands on the network. BlueCat offers a powerful IP Address Management (IPAM) solution that lets you take control of your dynamic network. With integrated core services, centralized management, and interoperability across the network ecosystem, BlueCat IPAM provides an authoritative source of intelligence and insight into the relationship between the devices, users and IP addresses on your network. The result? Drive more reliable service delivery, improve security and reduce manual administration.

Reduce network administration time by 80%
BlueCat IPAM tracks and normalizes IP addresses and networks from a single Web-based interface.

Reduce time and cost caused by manual errors
Frustrating legacy IPAM solutions including spreadsheets, scripts and manual processes are error prone and put your network at risk. BlueCat IPAM is a commercial grade, intelligent, scalable and fully automated solution.

Reduce the cost of managing DNS and DHCP core services
BlueCat IPAM seamlessly integrates with BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server, as well as with Microsoft Windows DNS and DHCP, to provide a unified solution for managing your IP address space and core network services.

Meet demanding SLAs securely
Accelerate the completion of IT tasks and make the most of IT resources by delegating network configuration activities and workflows with flexible role-based access control, approvals and auditing.

Increase virtual and cloud agility
BlueCat IPAM automatically provisions the correct IP address and DNS name for new VMs or workloads. Automatically address and name VMs with multiple network interfaces and multiple VMs simultaneously to increase agility and reduce manual error.

Avoid network outages and ensure resource availability
Leveraging BlueCat IPAM’s network visualization capability, companies can instantly detect anomalies in the network from a complete set of DNS, DHCP and IP address data.


As a central control point, IPAM provides an authoritative source for information about the network, providing valuable insight to enable informed management and security decisions for the enterprise. This strategic insight and rich integration with core network services allows you to drive more reliable service delivery, enable greater agility, improve security and lower the manual effort involved in administration. With BlueCat IPAM, you will be better equipped to take advantage of emerging technologies, driving innovation and success for your organization’s business initiatives.

No compromise IP Address Management

no compromise

IP platforms that can scale with the growth of the environment and automate the IP tracking process enable centralized management across the enterprise. With integrated core services, workflow and automation, BlueCat enables you to centrally manage every connected device on your network from a single pane of glass. BlueCat provides network intelligence and insight into the relationship between devices, users and IP addresses that can be put into action to improve security and ensure reliable, always-on business connectivity.

Interoperability and integration for automation


BlueCat’s APIs enable traditional IT and DevOps to automate the network end-to-end, empower users to make custom, process-based changes to IP and DNS configurations while retaining complete visibility and control over their IPAM data from a central repository across the network ecosystem.

Network assurance and security with management delegation

management delegation

IT transformation, including DevOps, has introduced a new type of Administrator; one empowered to make changes to the network without an in-depth understanding of its operations or impacts of change. BlueCat IPAM has flexible role-based access control and workflows to prevent human errors that lead to outages. Access can be extended to a broader user base with detailed controls to ensure only authorized users can approve appropriate changes to the network.

Features and Benefits:

Network Management

Simplify network management and reduce the time and effort to perform daily administration tasks through:

  • Flexible role-based access control
  • Quick actions and workflow
  • Tracking and auditing
  • Interoperability across environment including VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V


Automate network administration tasks to increase IT responsiveness and reduce errors and service outages.

  • Scheduled and on-demand deployments
  • Integrated data validation tools
  • Web services API
  • Automatic network discovery
  • Network reconciliation policies

Global Visibility and Scope

View and control IP address space, name space and devices across geographies, data centers and business units through:

  • Integration of IP Address, DNS and DHCP data
  • Network visualization templates
  • Full dual stack support

Network Planning and Modeling

Optimize your network infrastructure and manage the growth of data centers and devices with:

  • Network templates
  • Flexible network configurations


flexible deployment options

Flexible Deployment Options

BlueCat DDI solutions can be deployed as virtual or physical servers, or a combination of both. We license and support our software separately from hardware on the physical appliance and offer a perpetual hardware warranty. There is no cost to switch from hardware appliances to virtual appliances.


Download the BlueCat IPAM Datasheet (PDF).


BlueCat Networks Products
BlueCat IPAM
BlueCat IPAM
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