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Replace Homegrown Systems
It's time for an enterprise-class DNS, DHCP and IPAM solution

Replace Homegrown Systems

Homegrown DNS, DHCP and IPAM systems are not capable of handling large, complex, or rapidly-changing networks. BlueCat streamlines your operations and safeguards your network while bringing down your operational costs. With the assurance of commercially supported software, IT is empowered to respond to your business demands.

Streamline operations

For each solution present in the infrastructure, a separate set of servers, configurations, backups, patches, and upgrades may be required. Keeping each system up-to-date could be more than twice the effort compared to a single-source solution. BlueCat solutions give your team a single platform to meet dynamic network needs saving time and reducing operational expense.

“Moving from a home grown solution can be a bit scary but trust me it’s worth it. Having a central system with one vendor who manages all of the updates frees up so much time to do other things and provides a lot more security.”

- Bob Peacock, Network Engineer, PNC Bank

Ensure security at the DNS level

For most home grown solutions, security is an afterthought. Little attention is paid to developing role-based access control, user activity audit reports, or complying with advanced security standards. For companies where security is a concern, home grown systems these introduce further risk such as the possibility that they contain malicious code introduced by a rogue contributor. BlueCat DDI solutions give you an added layer of security at the DNS level.

Industry leading support services

Finding the root cause of issues that may arise is more difficult with distinct technologies or integrations between separate platforms. Having more than one vendor in addition to navigating open source communities for support results in extended outages. BlueCat’s 24/7 support with a guaranteed service level agreement gives your team the confidence to know that your critical infrastructure will always be supported.