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Data Center Transformation
Enterprises trust BlueCat for their data center transformation projects

Data Center Transformation

Data centers are no longer just about hosting applications and servers; they are the core of an enterprise’s customer engagement platform. Data centers have transformed into critical business enablers where applications are designed, built, tested and deployed to production through continuous development and continuous integration.

data center

Migrating data centers

migrating data centers

BlueCat allows you to quickly and efficiently clean and migrate data from inherited and legacy data centers. Capabilities, built right into BlueCat DDI, allow you to visualize the utilization of your IP and DNS spaces and optimize their structure. BlueCat’s extensive API empowers you to automate wave planning and execution, including the automation of network allocation, IP assignment and DNS changes. Once your data center migration is complete, you benefit from an up-to-date, single version of the network truth, you can build upon, and continue to leverage, to transform IT as your customers’ business continues to adapt to market changes.

Migrating from hardware to software

migrating from hardware to software

Applications and the environments that support them must be able to accommodate constant changes. This cannot be accomplished with hardware-based infrastructure. As you migrate your applications from physical servers to virtual instances, the network and the services that fuel it must transform from physical appliances to software instances. BlueCat’s software-based DDI solutions and extensive APIs offer the ideal platform for you to build an automated software-defined data center that delivers services where they need to be for optimum user experience – not where architectural constraints dictate they should be.

Securely empower lines of business

empower lines of business

Lines of business require greater access to data center infrastructure. As teams consume IT resources to design, build, test and deploy applications, they must do so securely, while retaining easy access to the production environment where their applications will be deployed, often sometimes several times a day.

BlueCat’s architecture is ideally suited for environments where services need to be pervasive and highly distributed. With BlueCat’s API, you can create new environments based on policies. Businesses are empowered with a flexible infrastructure but you don’t need to deal with the exponential increase in network complexity. With BlueCat’s built-in DNS Threat Protection and SIEM plugins, your core service architecture becomes central to your security strategy, delivering greater insights and new ways to enforce policies.

Cloud connectivity

cloud connectivity

Scale and workload dynamics are better met through the integration of public clouds into an organization’s infrastructure. With mobility, applications must become pervasive to reach customers in new and innovative ways – and to control the user experience, the services that are required for users to access such applications must become pervasive as well. With that, applications must be able to extend into the cloud or be migrated on the fly, into a cloud or from cloud to cloud. As the boundaries around the application become more fluid, the network becomes more critical – connecting application components together, connecting applications to users and controlling the user experience. BlueCat’s innovative software-based approach to DDI allows you to deploy services across all your environments, whether data centers, private or public clouds while retaining central control through the integration of IPAM into your business management platforms.