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Enhance Active Directory
Full Active Directory integration provides a stable, secure and scalable network infrastructure

Enhance Active Directory

Windows Server DNS architectures and capabilities create numerous challenges including a high risk of human error, service impacting replication problems, a lack of effective delegation controls or auditing, maintenance challenges, and overly complex DNS topologies based on Active Directory. BlueCat delivers higher performance, less complexity, eliminates human errors through robust validation, and adds significant technical and security capabilities not found in Microsoft Windows. BlueCat also provides the most robust and integrated platform for Active Directory DNS as well as your enterprise DHCP and IP address management needs.

Manage Microsoft DNS/DHCP

Eliminate orphaned and outdated data, whether dynamically or statically configured. This includes automatic cleanup of dynamically created DNS records when DHCP leases expire or are released by the client device. Gain a single point of truth for all DNS, DHCP, and IPAM data in the environment, regardless of how many DNS/DHCP servers or where they are located.

Interoperate with Active Directory DNS

Hierarchal inheritance and template-based management of all IPv4 and IPv6 allocations, physical networks, DHCP configuration, DNS Views, Zones, and Response Policy Zone (RPZ) policies. Logic-based actions permit non-destructive resize, move, update, and merge actions which optimize network transformation, consolidation, and Cloud infrastructure provisioning projects.

Replace Microsoft DNS/DHCP

BlueCat offers an integrated and centralized solution that reduces the operational burden of managing IPAM, DNS and DHCP, resolving challenges around operational risks inherent to a Windows DNS architecture. BlueCat IPAM is the system of engagement and record for the definition, simulation and creation of every network controlled by the enterprise; physical and virtual, on and off premise, as well as the corresponding name space. Our distributed architecture scales in both size and performance to meet the complex and evolving needs of global and distributed enterprises, allowing you to scale and transform your infrastructure throughout its life cycle, without redesign or service disruption. The benefits of BlueCat IPAM will grow alongside the business, as it becomes the central point for administration and a key component for enabling orchestration and automation initiatives.

Prevent outages caused by human error

Human errors are prevented from impacting production with three levels of data validation. All management changes are performed offline and controls provide limited deployment or scheduled deployment of the changes into production.

Full Active Directory DNS support

BlueCat supports a wide variety of interoperability scenarios with Active Directory using GSS-TSIG and provides more granular update security policies than Windows Server DNS can support natively. These include update policies that specify which GSS-TSIG attributes to identify update clients by, and explicit controls on which record types that client can update.

“We initially chose BlueCat to avoid the ‘worst case,’ a costly DNS or DHCP outage that would cripple our network, delay our production and put our business at risk. BlueCat is also saving us administration time and effort. With our previous Microsoft solution, there was more work for our staff to do each week to administer the DHCP service.”

- Markus Vetter, System Administrator, Tyrolit